VoIP Repair & Troubleshooting

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VoIP Repair and Optimization Support

We offer affordable on-demand VoIP repair and diagnostic services. If you need to optimize or fix a VoIP issue, contact us today. When you call ZOBOLT, we get started immediately. No contracts and no long intake processes. Competitive hourly rates are offered and phone consultation is always free.

VoIP Repair Overview Network

VoIP Network Testing

VoIP phone systems require onsite testing to ensure phone calls get priority over the network. We have advanced VoIP testing tools that send simulated calls over your network. We also offer sales and service for VoIP enhanced network routers and switches.


VoIP Call Monitoring

VoIP calling issues present themselves over time. It requires advanced monitoring tools to find and resolve intermittent VoIP troubles. We monitor SIP and other network protocols to capture network issues. A good diagnostic is only possible with verification tools.

Wireless VoIP Networks

Wireless and VoIP systems don’t always play well together. We all love a great Wi-Fi connection, but VoIP calling is very sensitive to latency and jitter. If misconfigured, wireless networks can add latency and jitter.

SMB VoIP Consulting

VoIP provides a cost effective solution for Small and Medium Business owners SMB. Knowing the pitfalls and network requirements will save a lot of headaches. ZOBOLT provides onsite VoIP installation network verification and consulting.

VoIP Repair Solutions

Repairing and diagnosing VoIP troubles isn’t easy for a knowledgeable network technician. With over 15 years in VoIP phone solutions, we are professional VoIP phone repair technicians. Let us test and diagnose your VoIP issues.

VoIP Applications

VoIP repair also includes application and network systems integration. VoIP systems are a digital service with call directories and networked applications. We help piece together the applications running VoIP services and repair all elements.

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