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Cloud Hosted PBX Details

Cloud Hosted PBX is the fastest growing Voice over IP (VoIP) business phone solution. Hosted PBX uses the internet to make and receive calls. We are a Cloud PBX provider, reseller and local onsite integrator. Our Cloud Hosted PBX solutions only requires an internet connection and the phones. We will install the phones at your office and help train you on them. Learn more about Cloud Hosted PBX below.

How Hosted PBX Works

Hosted PBX or hosted VoIP is an Internet based phone system where the PBX provider is responsible for housing the physical phone controller equipment. Hosted PBX telephone controllers are located in a building within the same city or hundreds of miles away from your business. Hosted PBX uses the internet to connect phone calls between your office and the local or long-distance phone company or other VoIP phones.

ZOBOLT Hosted PBX utilizes Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) to deliver calls to and from your office. This is only the protocol and not the physical connection. The physical connection to the provider is via your current internet data connection. Voice, Video and PC network data can travel over one physical internet connection. While this is the most effective means of using your internet connection, engineering checks should always be performed before passing voice over your current network. ZOBOLT can perform these checks free of charge, before you purchase our Cloud Hosted PBX phones.

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VoIP Phone Overview

Hosted PBX VoIP Phones

We include business telephones in all of our quotes, unless you currently have phones. VoIP Phones or Voice Over Internet Phones are IP (Internet Protocol) phones that take voice and convert it to Internet Protocol Packets to transmit it over Internet lines. Hosted PBX customers may also use a PC or mobile device software to make calls. Devices called VoIP Adapters connect older standard phones to a Hosted PBX. ZOBOLT allows the use of any compatible SIP Phone. Before purchasing VoIP Phones, always ensure the phones are compatible with SIP. We recommend purchasing the phones from ZOBOLT or leasing them.

Best Hosted PBX Phone

Best Hosted PBX Phone

The best VoIP Phone is the phone that fully functions on your local network and interfaces with your hosted provider. When selecting a phone, quality, features and cost should be considered. China mass produces VoIP phones, like many of our other electronic devices. Failure rates of VoIP phones depends on many factors, such as the environment they are placed into. We find you get what you pay for in a VoIP Phone, although big brands aren’t always the best. Let us help you select the correct VoIP phone.

VoIP Phone Considerations

  • Lease or Purchase
  • Extended Warranties
  • Video Conferencing
  • Codec Options
  • SIP Features
  • Speaker Phone
  • Power Cords
  • Power Over Ethernet
  • Line Options
  • Ethernet Speeds
  • Update Options
  • Web Interface
  • Operating System
  • HD audio
  • LCD Screen

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Office Network Requirements

When purchasing Hosted PBX, ZOBOLT will first review your local office network. Your business might need cabling or network switches, maybe even a new router to handle the additional voice traffic. Many small business customers do not require any additional network equipment. The base cable to your phone and the network switch in your office should be Cat5 or even better Cat6. If you are connecting your PC and your VoIP Phone into the same network switch, we recommend at minimum 100 Mbps full duplex Ethernet interface. Additionally, you should consider using VLAN segmenting when transporting voice over your local area network (LAN). Many small businesses have limited knowledge of LAN networks, so it’s a good idea to contact ZOBOLT.

Internet Connection Requirements

Internet lines come into your office in the form of Cable Internet, T1 Circuits, Ethernet Internet, but the most advanced is Fiber Optic Internet. You can connect directly to your provider with a point-to-point circuit, but that is rare. Today, most companies use broadband internet to connect to a Hosted PBX provider. If your making one or two simultaneous calls, your current internet connection might work fine. In a micro-office setting, cable internet might work great, but fiber is always recommended. If you are making 5 or more simultaneous calls, you should consider a high bandwidth Ethernet connection with Class of Service (CoS). Every office network is different, and not all VoIP calls use the same amount of bandwidth.

VoIP phone call quality depends greatly on the amount of internet traffic you have on your PC network. If your office is moving large files across the internet or you have other high traffic internet service into and out of your office, you should consider high bandwidth connections. Higher bandwidth internet connections normally require higher capacity routers, additional network engineering and more expensive network equipment. Typically, each Hosted PBX VoIP Phone will use 90 (kbps) of your internet bandwidth. ZOBOLT Hosted PBX providers are flexible and allow calls at lower bandwidth speeds. Codec’s such as G.729 only use 8 kbps and are much more efficient.

Mobile Workforce

Hosted PBX offers some of the most advanced mobile workforce features, without the headaches. Employees can work from anywhere, even on a cell phone, at a hotel or another office. Calls can be sent to multiple locations at once, meaning you can answer no matter where you are at the moment.

Mobile Workforce Features

  • Contact Dialing
  • Corporate Auto Attendant
  • Find-Me/Follow-Me
  • Hot Desking
  • Mobile Twinning
  • Soft-Phones
  • Voice Mail to Email
Hosted PBX Mobile Workforce

Top Hosted PBX Features

Soft Phones

Hosted PBX supports soft phones, which are applications that run on your PC or cell phone app. They work great when using a headset device. Softphones allow you to make and receive calls from any location in the world, using your computer or mobile device.

Web Interface

Hosted PBX service includes a very powerful but user-friendly web interface that allows you to control virtually every aspect of your service online, any time, from anywhere. Training and support are provided as needed.

Ring Groups

Multiple people in a department can receive incoming calls at the same time or in a hunt pattern. If a customer was trying to contact the sales department you could have any number of phones ring at once. We can help set up and maintain these features.


An auto-attendant is a pre-recorded menu system that can be used to direct callers to different departments or employees within your company. This is a great way to off-load the main phone line, while routing the calls to the correct person or department.

Internet connection types for Hosted PBX Service

Fiber Optic

In the world of communication Fiber Optic internet is king. This transport method offers the highest level of reliability with the fastest speeds possible. If your business requires the best, fiber is the only solution. While the technology is sound, the pricing can be prohibitive for some small businesses. Ordering fiber can also be confusing, if you are considering fiber seek a trusted advisor like ZOBOLT.

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Cable Internet

Cable internet is used by many businesses to transmit and receive VoIP phone calls. Cable technology is an asynchronous connection into your business. Cable up-link speeds are not as fast as the down-link speeds. Standard cable is a shared link resource. As users are added to the link, speeds will slow.

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Digital Subscriber Loop, (DSL) is targeted to the home and small office business. It’s good choice for average reliable internet speed with a reasonable price point. Like cable, DSL internet has slower up-links and faster down-link speeds. But unlike cable, DSL is a dedicated line. The DSL technology offers many configurations, such as ADSL, G.Lite, SDSL, IDSL and so on. VoIP over DSL isn’t advised, unless the DSL connection is over 20 Mbps with upload speeds of at least 1 Mbps. Even in this configuration, DSL should only be limited to a few simultaneous VoIP calls.

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T1 Circuits

T1 Circuits are one of the most popular method of delivering VoIP phone calls to your business. A synchronous circuit T1 offers a maximum bandwidth of 1.544 Mbps. This circuit isn’t considered fast in comparison other technologies, such as cable. T1 is highly reliable. A T1 can be combined with other T1/s to build a bonded link pair. Normally T1 is delivery over 2 copper wire pairs, but it can also be delivered over fiber optics and even microwave radio links.

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Ethernet internet connections are quickly becoming the standard connection type for business consumers. Transmitting voice digitally over Ethernet lines will enhance your VoIP service quality. Ethernet service is offered via copper lines, fiber Optic and even Microwave links. Utilizing Class of Service (CoS), Ethernet easily transmits VoIP calls with reliability.

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Wireless Internet

Wireless internet uses microwave radio to provided internet service to your business. Voice traveling over radio isn’t new. What makes wireless internet new is the method companies are deploying wireless connections. In Puget Sound companies deploy point to point microwave radio links from one office building to another. These line-of-sight links make a mesh network that offers an affordable alternative to Fiber or other traditional internet lines.

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