The act of keeping the customer happy in America seems to be losing favor within major corporations. More and more Americans are flocking to major corporations for their services. While these major corporations add a level of consumer comfort, there is obvious physical cost.

The latest news story about corporations going awry is from United Airlines. While United advertises customer service and customer satisfaction, the proof is in the video. United Airlines overbooked a recent flight. Since no one wanted to volunteer to get off the plane because the next flight wasn’t until 2 p.m. the next day, United Airlines had a problem.

Instead of working the problem out in a civil manner, United showed us their claws. They ripped the customer out of his seat and dragged him down the aisle. This was of course all captured on cell phone video and posted on the internet. In response to the incident, the CEO of United went right instead of left. United CEO commended the employees and blamed the customer.

Americans continue to seek the familiarity of major corporations at the cost of small businesses. Meanwhile, corporations continue to expand profits and reward executives for ruthless fascist behaviors. The tipping point has arrived. We are now at a place where wealthy CEOs are totally and utterly out of touch with the rest of lower and middle America.

This disrespect for the consumer shows major corporations see us only as cattle. Cattle are sold, shipped and slaughtered. As a small business person watching in horror, I do feel somewhat vindicated. My personal reason for leaving a major corporation was due in part because of CEO greed. Major corporations and their wealthy CEOs are lost in a self-absorbed treasure hunt.

What we’ve witnessed in this video shows greed can and will destroy the soul of a company. Here at ZOBOLT, we work hard to help our small business clients. Our goal is to provide amazing IT Support services, without all the greed. Our company works hard to build trust, not destroy it.