Yes, the internet is really freaking boring to gaze upon. To understand what the internet looks like you need to review Google’s data center video. The internet is made up of a bunch of computers all connected together. These computers are housed in environmentally controlled buildings with little to no windows.

While viewing the Google video you might notice they use scooters and other devices to move around the building. This seems to make the building look cool and hip, but it’s not. Again, the data centers have very few if any windows. Data centers are also cold or hot environments with low lighting which makes working in these buildings generally horrible. Daily life in the data center is a buzz of fans, blowers, alarms and long screen times.

Massive networks are nothing new. Before the internet we had the telephone network. Today, both the telephone network and the internet are combined to make the largest network on the planet. Data centers like the one seen in the video are all connected together with fiber optics. Fiber is the fastest most reliable way to move huge amounts of data across large distances.

The people maintaining these networks are humans today. The Google video shows dogs. No, the dogs are not maintaining the internet. In the future, robots will maintain these buildings and computers will replace or repair other computers. It only makes sense since these environments are not human friendly. No matter how hard Google tries to show us otherwise, data center life is for the dogs.

About Author: Jenna Whitmore is an IT consultant and U.S. Army Veteran. Her experience includes, computer networks, wireless networks, security and cloud solutions. Jenna is certified on Cisco, Extreme routing network equipment. She has worked as a network system engineer and IT consultant for over 20 years. Contact ZOBOLT: 206-219-3060