WordPress VPS Fully Managed


  • We tweak your VPS for WordPress performance
  • 100% managed, VPS hands free hosting

While other companies claim to offer VPS Management, we actually deliver. Our fully managed WordPress VPS ensures you never need to login to your server. You can focus on your content and not your server. You will always have full root permissions, if you ever need it.


WordPress VPS Includes:


  • WHM/cPanel
  • Cloud Computing
  • Optimized Storage
  • WordPress 4.7.x
  • Monitoring
  • VPS Backups
  • Redundant Disk
  • Optimized Apache
  • 500K Visits Mo


Wordpress Image

WordPress Optimized VPS

WordPress VPS

Professionally Managed
2 CPU Cores
2 GB Ram
120 GB Disk Storage
1.5 GB Monthly Bandwidth
$149.99/per month
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WordPress VPS Features

Fully Managed WordPress VPS


Fully Managed cPanel

As a fully managed WordPress VPS subscriber, you never need to access cPanel. We perform all the heavy lifting. We fully manage and configure your cPanel and Linux settings. Your WordPress VPS is built to withstand thousands of hits daily. For the technically inclined, we provide full root access. Many clients never see the need to access cPanel, which isn’t a problem.

SSD Storage Devices

Redundant Storage

For our WordPress VPS storage solutions, we’ve prioritized reliability, flexibility & fast restore. Our Enterprise Grade disks (e.g. HP) are configured in a RAID 10 Storage Area Network (SAN). We use redundant disks, power supplies & Active-Active controllers to ensure high availability.


Firewall Plus

Security is paramount for your WordPress VPS. When setting up your VPS we install and configure ConfigSever Security and Firewall (CSF). CSF is a Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall, Login/Intrusion Detection and Security application for Linux servers. The installation of this amazing tool is a $200.00 value. While other providers claim to provide security, we ensure it.

server monitoring

Active Monitoring

The only way to ensure your WordPress VSP is online is to monitor it. You might not have time to ensure your VSP is online at all times, but we do. Our network monitoring system checks your VPS every 60 seconds to ensure it is alive and well. If there is ever a problem, we will forward you an alarm to let you know. Our services go beyond reliability, we verify reliability.

Full Weekly Backups

Daily Backups

We  snapshot your WordPress VPS once per week. A snapshot backup is a full server backup. Daily, we backup your cPanels to your VPS rotating weekly, based on disk space. We provide additional backup options, contact us for more details.

WordPress Hosting


We will install up to 10 copies of WordPress on your VPS. Open a ticket and we will perform the WordPress installation. You are only limited based on your storage space available. As the manager of your VPS, we will communicate with you about storage usage. Normal WordPress installations use very little storage space.



For no additional cost, we will add email accounts to your server. Your VPS is configured with cPanel. That means it offers “WebMail” and all the advanced features of an email server. Let us know when we setup your VPS if you want email accounts.

WordPress VPS Timeline

The following timeline outlines the stages of your VPS setup.


Once you make the purchase we get started setting up your VPS

We install WordPress and configure your firewall, MySQL, PHP and Apache services.

If you have WordPress sites we will now migrate them to your new VPS Server.

Reliability checks and testing is performed once the WordPress sites are configured.

Your WordPress installations are now fully operational. Full image backups are performed.

Once the WordPress sites are live we actively monitor the servers performance.

Getting Started

What is Managed VPS

Managed VPS (Virtual Private Server) is what it sounds like, a fully managed VPS. While other companies offer managed VPS, they normally fall short. Our services offer a complete managed solution. ZOBOLT will setup the VPS fully, which includes domain, hostname, services, email, backups and all necessary VPS tweaks. Using Linux, cPanel, CSF Firewall and WordPress, we totally configure your VPS. Additionally, we actively monitor all critical services and firewall running on your WordPress VPS. Our daily active monitoring includes CPU, RAM, critical processes, Apache, MySQL and all Firewall intrusions. We also maintain the operating system updates including cPanel updates as needed.


Why use a WordPress VPS

WordPress VPS is an advanced method of hosting your WordPress installation. Today you might be hosting your WordPress website on shared hosting server with a large company. These companies have thousands of websites and WordPress installations on one large server. While this isn’t abnormal, it will cause issues with your WordPress website or blog as it grows in popularity. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that uses database queries and other operations to function. Computer server resources need to adjust quickly when your WordPress website requires them. Shared hosting will not always provide those much needed resources as quickly when they are required. This causes slow response times and poor performance for WordPress, which may make your website load slower. Our WordPress VPS provides dedicated resources for your website or blog.


WordPress VPS or Shared Hosting

Our WordPress Virtual Private Server operates inside a larger physical server that runs WordPress. In some ways, a VPS is like Shared Hosting. One major difference between shared hosting and VPS is dedicated resources. Shared Hosting does not offer dedicate resources. Your WordPress website shares the server resources with all other websites or blogs on the server. VPS servers have dedicated random access memory (RAM) and central processing unit (CPU) resources. Shared Hosting servers have only one operating system that is shared across all websites. A VPS server runs its own operating system. This makes managing a VPS more flexible and offers many more options. The advantages of VPS are clear. Dedicated resources provide fast load times for pages and posts. Managing your own operating system allows customizations and speed tweaks well beyond Shared Hosting.