Self Healing Cloud

Scalable high-availability VPS.

Amazing Security

Let us help you firewall your VPS

cPanel with WHM

We include cPanel in all VPS servers.

VPS Server Plans

Get reliable hosting from our VPS Servers.


L2000 VPS


  • 2 CPU Cores

    2 GB Ram

    120 GB Disk

    2 TB Bandwidth

    *Use Code: "HalfOff" for 50% off on 12 or 24 month plans

L8000 VPS


  • 4 CPU Cores

    8 GB Ram

    240 GB Disk

    3 TB Bandwidth

    *Use Code: "HalfOff" for 50% off on 12 or 24 month plans

L4000 VPS


  • 2 CPU Cores

    4 GB Ram

    165 GB Disk

    1.5 TB Bandwidth

    *Use Code: "HalfOff" for 50% off on 12 or 24 month plans

Cloud VPS Server Features

Virtual Private Servers or VPS is an excellent way to host your website or web based application. If you’ve been hosting on a shared account and you’ve decided to step up to the next level, we have an advanced cloud solution to fit your needs. VPS Servers give you total control over you hosted solution. Our services include installation of the VPS Server and basic configuration.


Regional Data Centers

We offer data centers in the U.S. From Seattle to Atlanta, each data center provides extreme high reliability.

Self Healing Cloud

Your data is safeguarded by a fully redundant, self-healing cloud server. Many servers work as one, to provide full support if one fails.

Enterprise Grade Storage

VPS Servers are configured with a RAID 10 Storage Area Network (SAN). This eliminates any single points of failure.

cPanel with WHM

We include cPanel with WHM Control Panel when you purchase our VPS Server. cPanel is an industry standard control panel for hosting.

Full Root Control

You are the master of your VPS with Full Root Access. During check-out you pick your root password. You are in full control of your VPS.

Excellent Security

Our servers are configured to help prevent DOS attacks and third party intrusions. Need help setting up your firewall? We can help.

Fully Managed Servers

Windows Servers and cPanels are fully managed. When you need assistance, no matter the issue, we are here to help. Give us a call or open a ticket.

Advanced Data Centers

We offers state of the art data centers where we house fully redundant network, hardware, and power systems. Data centers also have redundant air-handling.

Powerful VPS for $59.99/mo* with code “HalfOff” 

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