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Cloud Services Benefits

Cloud is a generalized term for hosted services or off-site application hosting of applications and computer services. In the world of cloud, we now see private clouds and public clouds. Private Clouds offer off-site application hosting or virtualization, plus networking without sharing resources or physical space. Public Clouds pool resources within a computing environment, shared data-store and network systems. Amazon AWS would be considered a Public Cloud solution. Small businesses can benefit from lower cost computer services using the cloud.

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Cloud Cost Reduction

While the world of technology seems to cost more yearly, cloud services reduce cost. Moving your email, phone and computer applications to the cloud will cut cost. The cost of maintaining your computer systems and expensive networks can be greatly reduced using the cloud. Moving servers, phone systems and even computers to the cloud reduces cost.

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Small business Email

While it is a great means for communication, basic email is not for everyone. We suggest this email type for the small business user not looking to share calendars or advanced email directories . We offer our small business email with POP/IMAP functionality. Each of our email servers are designed to handle and destroy spam. Our email is hosted on it’s own servers with advanced security.


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Web Hosting

Basic Web Hosting is a cloud service which normally host websites only. We offer all nonprofits free web hosting. All websites should be monitored to ensure they are online at all times. Google and Bing punish websites which are not online at all times. We always say, trust with verification. Speed is another important factor when hosting a website. If you are using Shared Hosting, make sure the speeds are fast and reliable. Our hosting is highly reliable, fast and always monitored.


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Hosted Exchange

In the past the only option offered to nonprofits or businesses was an on-site Exchange Email Server. That means if you wanted all the advanced enterprise features of email, such as Address Book Share, Calendar Sharing and Mobile Sync you needed a server at your business. This has all changed, for the better. Now with Hosted Exchange you can have all those amazing features in the cloud without owning and maintain a server. If you have an Exchange Server, we can move it to Hosted Exchange and reduce your cost. Our services help you migrate and use Hosted Exchange.


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Business Office-365

Software as a Service (SaaS) is what Microsoft Office 365 has become. If you’ve been using a computer in the last 25 years, you’ve heard of Microsoft Office. This application was a Graphic User Interface (GUI) dream back in the 1990’s. While other providers attempted to offer the same software Microsoft was the clear winner. Now with Office 365 you can have all your favorite Microsoft applications on your PC and in the cloud. Let us come to your local nonprofit or business office and setup your Microsoft Office 365 today.


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Cloud Backups

Backups are a common cloud service. Most wise office administrators ensure they have some form of backup for their major systems. Backing up your computing systems is only half the solution. Not knowing how to restore backups or not being able to restore backups is a common problem for small businesses. We are now seeing cloud providers offer restoral services in addition to the backup service. When we setup a client with a backup cloud solution we always review their restoration plan.

Server Virtualization

Virtualization of servers has hit mainstream in a big way. Network systems are now being virtualized as well. The age of virtualization is upon us. Taking standard computing systems and slicing them into software virtual machines produces a more efficient cost effective means of computing. Cloud providers use software companies such as VMWare, Oracle, Citrix and others to virtualize their servers. We can help your company save money by virtualizing your systems and placing them in the cloud.

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Data Centers

Colocation services can also be considered cloud services. A company seeking to co-locate has a plethora of options. In the past you might have been provided a cage to place equipment and a key to get into the building. Today we are seeing an entire industry built solely on the Data Center as a service model. These state-of-the-art Data Centers cater to all walks of business needs. Let us take you on a Data Center tour today. Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory have nothing compared to these Data Centers.

Let’s get your business or nonprofit into the cloud!

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