The need for password management tools is clear. The average internet user has over 26 accounts to manage. Normally people use only two or three passwords across each of those accounts. That’s a pretty big security issue, and it shows with the amount of accounts being hacked daily. Over the course of March 2016–March 2017, Google identified 788,000 potential victims of off-the-shelf keyloggers; 12.4 million potential victims of phishing kits; and 1.9 billion usernames and passwords exposed via data breaches and traded on black-market forums. Checkout Google research data.

Hackers love people who use very easy passwords, like “password123”. or just “password”. Computer Hackers have programs which search the internet for people using simple passwords. Programs or BOT’s find your login and try those simple passwords. It’s only a matter of time before they find your easy password and login to your accounts.

Use a password management tool. LastPass is our favorite password management tool, developed to help you manage and generate difficult passwords. The kind of passwords that take hackers years to break. LastPass has some really great features. One such feature is hacking alerts. Another great feature of LastPass is the fact you can use two step verifications. ZOBOLT highly recommends using two step verification on all accounts whenever possible.

Technology is moving at light speed. Our system security measures aren’t. The fact is, passwords have become an obsolete technology. We continue to use this legacy technology because most of our systems have no other means of security. The best defense against hacking of passwords is maintenance. The need to change them frequently with randomized versions is maintenance. This maintenance requires tools like LastPass. Find a good password tool and use it properly. You will lessen the exposure of your email, and other critical systems being compromised when you maintain your passwords.

About Author: Jenna Whitmore is an IT consultant and U.S. Army Veteran. Her experience includes, computer networks, wireless networks, security and cloud solutions. Jenna is certified on Cisco, Extreme routing network equipment. She has worked as a network system engineer and IT consultant for over 20 years. Contact ZOBOLT: 206-219-3060