If you’ve been living under a rock you might not have heard about FCC regulation changes being proposed concerning Net-Neutrality. The internet is being attacked by the corporate lawyers and others working for the Internet Service Providers or (ISP). No, ISP’s are not bombing the internet, they are attacking the current rules. Under the current FCC Net-Neutrality rules your internet traffic cannot be slowed or manipulated by the ISP providers.

The FCC is set to vote on changing the rules of the internet. These changes will allow the ISP providers the ability to turn the internet into something like a cable subscription. This isn’t good for anyone but the major ISP providers like Comcast and Verizon. These ISP providers will make a billion on the new rules. An FCC regulation modification of this magnitude will change the way the internet works for average people.

Why is this a big deal? Because fair and open access to the internet allows for innovation and free trade of goods and services. Without Net-Neutrality your internet connection can be restricted or limited by your Internet Service Provider. You lose total control of the internet without Net-Neutrality. An ISP provider will have the ability to force you to view websites they want you to view and slow access to websites that you want to visit. Of course, there is more to this than viewing just websites. The changes will affect how you consume content like video over the internet too. ISP’s will have the ability to charge you more for all types of internet traffic.

The fact is the FCC is being run by a former Verizon lawyer. This guy is a real tool. He works for major ISP’s like Verizon to ensure they have plenty of money in their bank accounts. This guy is NOT working for the average American. ZOBOLT advises our readers and customers to contact their government representative about the changes being proposed by the FCC.

Update 12/14/2017:

The deed is done and the FCC has voted along party lines. The GOP has officially removed Net-Neutrality. If you have a slow-down on an internet connection, your VoIP phone no longer works or you can’t reach those important websites, you may thank the GOP party for officially removing Net-Neutrality.

Update 12/21/2017:

The lawsuits have begun. A large group of states around the U.S. have filed lawsuits against the FCC for removing Net-Neutrality laws. This is a major step, watch the video to learn about actions being taken to return consumer protections.

Update 01/25/2018

Things are really starting to get interesting in the USA around Net Neutrality. It seems even the fast-food restaurant Burger King is getting into the activism. Burger King in an effort to help explain the entire Net Neutrality business released a very funny version of how it all works. While they of course plug the Whopper, they also do a good job of messing with their customers too. If all this seems confusing, don’t worry you aren’t alone. The fact still remains here really soon without Net Neutrality, things is gonna get bad online.

About Author: Jenna Whitmore is an IT consultant and U.S. Army Veteran. Her experience includes, computer networks, wireless networks, security and cloud solutions. Jenna is certified on Cisco, Extreme routing network equipment. She has worked as a network system engineer and IT consultant for over 20 years. Contact ZOBOLT: 206-219-3060