WiFi Security Plus

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WiFi Security Plus

WiFi Security and Optimization from ZOBOLT ensures your wireless network is secure and optimized. Business WiFi networks are complex. Your WiFi business network needs channel optimization, Access Point load balancing, and security configurations. ZOBOLT offers a full range of wireless optimization packages for our customers. Contact ZOBOLT to learn more.

WiFi Intrusion

Our advanced wireless software tools will uncover the root cause of network intrusions. We find the holes in your wireless network. We can find the hacker perpetrators.

WiFi Metering

Monitoring your WLAN with our advanced tools allows us to find unallocated bandwidth. Load balancing access points ensures a balanced wireless network.

WiFi Optimization

Access Point Optimization is just the beginning. We optimize your wireless network software and hardware to ensure your business achieves optimum results.

WiFi Signal Quality

The wireless noise floor at any business or event is high. Wireless airwaves have become overloaded. We pinpoint the cause of wireless interference and eliminate it.

WiFi Channels

Wireless channels are limited, therefore a frequency reuse plan is necessary. We validate frequency reuse by ensuring optimized distance to device. Overlapped channels degrade wireless signal.

WiFi Frequencies

WiFi networks run on different frequencies. Wireless LAN Access Points operate protocols based on individual frequencies. We configure the proper Access Point frequency.

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