Business Wi-Fi Networks

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Ethernet Switch with Wireless Controller

Wireless Access Points

Technical Specifications

*Unified Threat Management Router Gateway is an additional $99 monthly with a minimum 6 month commitment. Basic installation included with wireless access points. Additional wire/mounts and other charges may apply.

Spectrum Analyzer

Business Wi-Fi Support

The main goal of any Wi-Fi solution is to offer high quality, interference free connections. Selecting the proper wireless access point and network controllers is only part of the solution. You need a qualified Wi-Fi expert. Wireless environments are constantly changing. Ongoing maintenance and support is necessary to make sure your Wi-Fi network is healthy. In the Puget Sound area, we experience a variety of weather related issues that can interfere with wireless signals. If you have issues with your wireless network, we can help. Contact us today.

Wi-Fi Installation and Service

We offer amazing high-speed Wi-Fi service at affordable prices for your small business. Don’t break the bank purchasing Cisco. Today’s Wi-Fi networks are complex, yet manageable. Let ZOBOLT help your business by installing, optimize and training your staff on a professional Wi-Fi network today. Our services also ensure Wi-Fi Security!

EnGenius 48-port Switch

ZOBOLT partners with Engenius for Wi-Fi network. From large hotel installations to basic office environments, Engenius offers affordable professional Wi-Fi access points and controllers.

Business Wi-Fi Equipment

Wireless Access Point (WAP)

wireless access pointWireless Access Points connect your devices to the network. WAP devices are now the size of the average home smoke detector. WAP devices offer high quality internal-directional and omni-based antenna technology. It is important to focus the Wi-Fi signal where you need it and where you don’t need it. The quantity of WAP devices you need and there placement depends on the business space. Your company may only need one WAP device to cover the entire work area. Many WAP manufactures offer the ability to integrate their device directly into your current network equipment.

Wi-Fi Controller

zyxel wireless controllerWi-Fi Controllers connect and control your wireless access point devices. Each Wi-Fi network manufacture offers different types of WAP and Controller features. Most higher quality controllers offer a clear view of your WAP mesh network. The controller has the ability to change the SSID, signal strength and traffic modeling of your wireless network. The controller should also assist with the installation and proper configuration of the WAP mesh network.

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Wi-Fi Mobility

Your Wi-Fi network should allow massive mobility with local LAN roaming. Our networks connect your devices while you travel floor-to-floor and room-to-room. All wireless access points should seamlessly hand-off from access point to access point without dropping connections.


Wi-Fi 802.11ac

Upgrade your Wi-Fi network to the latest high speed standard 802.11ac. This new standard offers possible speeds of up-to 1 Gbps. 802.11ac operates in the 5 GHz signal range unlike most previous generations of Wi-Fi that utilized 2.4 GHz channels.

Wi-Fi Security

Hackers will attempt to penetrate your network. So, you had better be using the latest Wi-Fi security on your wireless LAN. Our Wi-Fi networks offer enterprise grade security without the cost. Wi-Fi accessibility is included on devices with AD, LDAP or RADIUS authentication.

Host Hot Spots

Hosting a hot spot isn’t just for hospitality based companies. From coffee shops to pet stores, hosting a Hot Spot is a great way to draw a crowd to your business. Our services include installing and configuring public hot spots for your small business.