I’m continuing my blog post this week on local Las Vegas internet providers in the news. Our latest story is about Frontier Las Vegas Internet Provider. This story was reported by the local Dallas Fort Worth FOX affiliate. If you didn’t know, Frontier Communications is a great local internet provider in the Las Vegas area, but they’ve had issues out in Texas. Frontier services are offered in a mix of urban, suburban, and rural areas across the U.S. The company offers a variety of services to Las Vegas area over its fiber-optic and copper networks, including video, high-speed internet, advanced voice. Most of their service area is in the northern region of Puget Sound.


In this story we learn about an order failure. It isn’t a typical failure for Frontier. The failure seems to stem from the recent takeover of the Verizon services by Frontier in the Dallas/FT Worth area. The customers attempted to order service and after many failed appointments cancelled the order. Also, after the switch over from Verizon, the company experienced some internet outages. This caused even more issues with local internet service. As you can see by the video, Frontier is on the hot seat for these issues in Texas.


When ordering service, you should expect a level of professionalism. When these orders fail we find a lack of communication within the company’s organizations. At ZOBOLT we work directly with our customers to act as an interface for local Puget Sound internet providers. Going it alone by directly contacting and ordering service can get messy. When your business relies so heavily on internet service we recommend contacting a service agency like ZOBOLT. We process your order for you, ensure the service is installed and work directly with the service provider on your behalf. All of our services are paid 100% by the internet providers.

About Author: I am a communications systems specialist and Army veteran. My experience includes, switching systems, and consulting. I’m certified on class 5 switching elements and Cisco, Extreme routing network equipment. I’ve worked as a network engineer for over 20 years.

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