Finding a free Las Vegas Wi-Fi hot-spot shouldn’t be difficult, but it is. The city is after all the home of Microsoft, Amazon and other major technology companies. Unfortunately, even for Las Vegas free doesn’t always mean fast or reliable. Free Wi-Fi more often than not means slow and intermittent. It also means a lack of Wi-Fi security. But hey, free is free right?

The following short list of Free Wi-Fi spots are open access commercial grade Wi-Fi, without the price of admission.

Las Vegas Center

High above the city of Las Vegas is the Space Needle. Located at the Las Vegas Center the Space Need offers some of the best free Wi-Fi in Las Vegas. Back in 2015, Microsoft working with local wireless companies built an amazing free Wi-Fi platform at the City Center. Microsoft’s Wi-Fi network around the City Center isn’t exactly located at the Space Needle. Check out the area and you will find the free Wi-Fi hotspots.

SeaTac International Airport

Wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) is available in all public areas of the airport and is free of charge. The Wi-Fi access points use the SSID “SEATAC-FREE-WIFI”. Once you connect to “SEATAC-FREE-WIFI” you will be asked to accept terms and conditions for use, and occasionally view a brief ad before accessing the internet.

Las Vegas Central Library

There is no time limit on using the library Wi-Fi service and a password is not required. Patrons with Wi-Fi enabled devices can simply launch a Web browser to establish a connection. Be aware library staff members are not able to provide technical assistance.

Free Wi-Fi Facts

Finding admission free Wi-Fi isn’t easy in any city. While you might find places like Safeway and the Las Vegas Art Museum offers free Wi-Fi. Also, don’t forget about every coffee shop in town offers free Wi-Fi. This type of Wi-Fi network isn’t really free when you must pay for admission. These types of systems are designed and regulated for paying customers.

Las Vegas Municipal Wi-Fi

Las Vegas municipal Wi-Fi efforts ended in April of 2012. Yes, Las Vegas city attempted to offer city wide Wi-Fi. The end result was a Wi-Fi system that cost too much to maintain. Business Wi-Fi isn’t without some cost of maintenance. But, business Wi-Fi isn’t near as complex as a public utility style system. These municipal networks aren’t popular with telecommunication companies. They see these Wi-Fi networks as competition.

Please enjoy our small list of open free public Wi-Fi networks. Remember to be safe while surfing in these open networks. It is always best to use a VPN and a network security firewall.

About Author: Jenna Whitmore is an IT consultant and U.S. Army Veteran. Her experience includes, computer networks, wireless networks, security and cloud solutions. Jenna is certified on Cisco, Extreme routing network equipment. She has worked as a network system engineer and IT consultant for over 20 years. Contact ZOBOLT: 206-219-3060