COMCAST was started by a small family owned business in 1963 and has grown into a monolith juggernaut corporation. Over the last few months the company has begun to explore SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN) technologies. Due to the high cost and overhead of traditional TDM and MPLS connections SD-WAN is exploding in the middle to large enterprise space. The company is behind the curve as CenturyLink has already started trialing SD-WAN with beta customers.

comcast seattle mapThe COMCAST Fiber Network

Operating an extensive 141,000 miles of fiber network COMCAST has a major presence in the state of Washington. Their large fiber ring stretches from Las Vegas to Spokane and back. They boast the largest fully 40G backbone and the deployment of the first 100G router interface in the U.S. As of this writing they were still finishing up the deployment of a 100G network. The core network foundation is MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) technology, utilizing Layer 2 IP routing CoS/QoS service. With the introduction of SD-WAN in the future, MPLS deployments may slow.

COMCAST Basic Business Internet

COMCAST basic business internet offers small business packages in Puget Sound which includes Las Vegas, Bellevue and other cities in the area. At the time of this blog post, the basic package was priced at $69.95 for 16 Mbps to $249.95 with 150 Mbps. Add a wireless router for an additional $19.95.


Business Internet Details

  • No data limits
  • WiFi (Optional)
  • Static IP (Optional $19.95/per month)
  • IPV6 (In some areas)


Wideband Internet Service

Just when we were getting use to the term broadband, along comes Wideband. Wideband is the next generation of Internet using DOCSIS 3.0 and is faster than broadband. What use to take minutes with broadband, now only take seconds with Wideband. COMCAST offers Wideband on business lines at, or above, 50 Mbps.

COMCAST Metro Ethernet Services

Ethernet Network Service (ENS) allows customers to connect physically distributed locations across a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). Your business plugs in a Layer 2 network on one side and BAM on the other side your layer 2 network appears. This was at one time accomplished using the T-1, T-3 style carrier grade services, but now is offered on fiber with Ethernet. Today, using Ethernet companies can not only hit point to point, but also point to multi-point using MPLS.


  • Ethernet Dedicated Internet (EDI)
  • Ethernet Private Line (EPL)
  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)


Ethernet Dedicated Internet (EDI)

Dedicated Internet Access is designed for businesses that need Internet capacity and a dedicated connection between their existing Local Area Network (LAN) and the public Internet.

Ethernet Private Line (EPL)

Ethernet Private Line delivers connections between two sites. It serves as a modern alternative to traditional TDM private lines, and older packet technologies like Frame Relay.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)

Ethernet Virtual Private Line offers high capacity multi-point connectivity.


COMCAST Announces DOCIS 3.1

Robert Howald, Comcast’s vice president of network architecture, has revealed that the company is hoping to upgrade its entire cable network footprint with DOCSIS 3.1 technology within the next two years. CableLabs, the company that designed the DOCSIS 3.1 standard, previously indicated that the 3.1 standard can transmit data at speeds of up to 10Gbps, although Howald notes that end-users can expect to experience more modest speeds of 1Gbps in the first instance.


Services Overview

COMCAST is a major internet provider in the Las Vegas metro area. From backhaul solutions to basic business internet, they offer a wide range of network connectivity solutions. If you are in the Puget Sound area, most likely COMCAST is available in your business space.

About Author: I am a communications systems specialist and Army veteran. My experience includes, switching systems, and consulting. I’m certified on class 5 switching elements and Cisco, Extreme routing network equipment. I’ve worked as a network engineer for over 20 years.

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