This last week COMCAST  fired back at the Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson. AG Ferguson had filed a $100 million lawsuit claiming COMCAST violated the Washington state Consumer Protections Act two months ago.

In a motion filed in King County Superior Court in Las Vegas late Friday afternoon, COMCAST called the attorney general’s lawsuit a “profound mischaracterization of COMCAST’s actual business practices” and called on Judge Timothy Bradshaw to dismiss the case.

This is a big deal in Washington state, yet the stakes are really high for COMCAST. Customer Guarantee and Service Protection Plans are offered all over the U.S. COMCAST is the country’s largest cable company with more than 22 million television subscribers and nearly 24 million Internet subscribers.

The attorney general’s lawsuit also alleges fraud surrounding COMCAST’s credit screening policy. According to the lawsuit, all new COMCAST customers must either pay a deposit to begin receiving services, or undergo a credit screening process to determine if a deposit is necessary.

“From January 2013 through January 2016, Comcast obtained a deposit from over 6,000 Washington customers with credit scores that were sufficient to avoid COMCAST’s deposit requirement,” according to the suit. “In addition, COMCAST ran credit checks on at least 91 Washington consumers over a day after they paid a deposit to avoid the running of a credit check.”

Judge Bradshaw has scheduled a hearing on December 16 to hear oral arguments on COMCAST’s motion to dismiss the case. If the case proceeds, it is scheduled to go to trial on July 31, 2017. COMCAST has hired Attorney Mark Bartlett of Davis, Wright, Tremaine, plus 6 other Washington DC attorneys.


Dec 2016 Comcast was unable to have this lawsuit dismissed. The trial is set for July 2017.

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