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cPanel Access

Easily change hosting settings with your online web hosting cPanel. An industry standard, our cPanel uses the standardized paper lantern theme. Add MySQL databases, check your stats and even author your own website with Site Publisher. Our billing management system interfaces directly with cPanel. Here you can add email accounts and change passwords.

Site Publisher

Our website-in-a-minute system installs a quick and easy website on your hosting account. Use our site publisher for your next website. We will manually install and configure WordPress for your project or business website. Choose from millions of WordPress Themes. We are WordPress professionals.

Redundant Storage

Our enterprise grade disks are configured in a RAID 10 Storage Area Network (SAN). We use redundant disks, power supplies and Active-Active controllers to ensure high availability. Your information is safe and sound on our highly secure website storage system.

web hosting fire wall

Firewall Plus

Security is paramount. Our systems use a Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall, Login/Intrusion Detection and Security application for Linux servers. While other providers claim to provide security, we ensure it. If you are using WorPress, we will install and setup additional firewall plugins in your website. These plugins add additional security. Just open a ticket to get started.

Web Hosting Review

Hosted Domains10
Website StorageUnlimited
FTP AccountsUnlimited
Database (MySQL)Unlimited
Sub DomainsUnlimited
Instant BackupsYes

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What is Web Hosting?
Web Hosting is simply renting a percentage of storage space, CPU and bandwidth on a computer system. You are renting a computer twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Why rent someone else’s computer? That’s a good question. Here’s the simple answer: so people can view your website, blog or web application at all times. When someone types in your domain name:, they are directed to your website IP number, which is like a telephone number for your website. Your website IP number is assigned to the web hosting computer. That computer sends all the data about your website. You wouldn’t want to use your own computer for Web Hosting. Web Hosting uses lots of bandwidth and the computer needs to be powerful. Plus, Web Hosting requires special software to operate and your computer would need to be on at all times. Web Hosting is very affordable, considering all the complexities it takes to display your website to visitors.
Why do I need Web Hosting?
You need Web Hosting if you want to access your website or blog via the internet. Web Hosting gives you the ability to publish your website onto the internet. When you purchased your website, it might not have been clear what you needed to do next. Your web designer is only designing the layout and adding the content to your website files. They might also be hosting your website. That is normally arranged when you make the web design purchase. At first, your website is only located on files, which are physically on your web designer’s computer. To display those files, they must be published onto the internet. Web Hosting allows you to publish your web files onto the internet. If you are using a Content Management System, such as WordPress. In that case Web Hosting may be required from the very start of your project.
What is the History of Web Hosting?
Back in 1991 you needed your own computer to host a website. In the early 1990’s many people used dial-up modems and bulletin board systems. High-speed internet connections, like cable-modems and fiber optics, where just a dream. In 1995 GeoCities, Angelfire and a few other companies began to offer Web Hosting. It wasn’t until 1996 that Bluehost and Hostmonster started to offer somewhat affordable hosting plans. During the mid to early 90’s, Web Hosting was somewhat expensive. You could expect to pay $50.00 monthly or more for a modest website hosting plan. Over the years the demand for hosting went up and the prices have dropped dramatically. Computer servers have also changed over the years. In the early days hosting companies built low grade computers to offer Web Hosting. These computers did not scale properly and required large amounts of maintenance. During the 1990’s computer hardware was also very expensive and lacked the power we have today.
What are the Pitfalls of Free Hosting?
Free hosting sounds like a great deal, but it’s what they don’t tell you that hurts. I like to say, the devil is in the details. Many companies offering free hosting do so by adding advertisements to your website. They will place banner ads and side bar ads to your website, which looks completely unprofessional. These companies may also require you to sign up for tons of email spam from their affiliates. You might be thinking you can avoid their email spam by using an unmonitored email account. Not so fast. That will only get your free hosting turned off, without notice. For just a few bucks a month, ZOBOLT will host your website and support it!
What are the Advantages of Shared Web Hosting?
Shared Web Hosting provides a low cost solution for hosting your small business website. When you use Shared Web Hosting, you are sharing the resources on a computer server with other users. All users on the shared computer server have separate user accounts. These separate accounts do not have access to each other. They cannot see your files or emails and you cannot see their files or emails. Each account is divided based on the plan you’ve selected. These hosting accounts are physically divided based on web storage space, which is also referred to as disk space. In most cases CPU processing time is not divided on a shared account. Disk space is normally the way shared hosting differs in price. In our case, we divide our shared hosting based on domain quantity with the shared account. Restricting domains determines the amount of space that is normally allocated to a hosting account.
What are the Disadvantages of Shared Web Hosting?
In rare cases, a Shared Web Hosting account isn’t the best way to host your website or blog. While it is the most affordable, Shared Hosting is also the most restrictive web hosting. Shared Hosting locks many advanced features of web hosting, like memory and CPU performance tweaks. Many shared hosting accounts lock the type of server features you can access. Web Hosting as a whole is complex. The more resources you need, the more complex it becomes. This type of hosting doesn’t allow root access on your account. This means that all of the administration of the account is performed by the hosting company. When you need more dedicated resources and the ability to tweak your hosting, VPS hosting is the way to go.
Are there Web Hosting Gimmicks?
Gimmicks are a big part of web hosting for some companies, but not ZOBOLT. Many hosting companies offer lots of special software add-ons with their hosting accounts. These companies also offer special speed features or turbo speed. These are all hosting gimmicks. The fact is 99% of customers never use these type of features. Normally, software add-ons are all free software or open-source tools. These free open-source tools are not supported by the hosting company. If these software add-ons break or don’t work as expected, the hosting company will not support you properly. Since they don’t own the software or developed it, they can’t properly support it. Sure, they have quick installation for these software titles, but that’s as far as it goes. Speed gimmicks are normally based on complex file system configurations on your hosting account. Configurations you might not understand how to use properly. In the end, they all end up being web hosting gimmicks. If you are seeking a good web hosting company, look past the gimmicks.

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