Online Backup, Secured

Cyber security should always involve a watertight online backup solution. Without an online backup, you have no means to protect your business. Blending malware scans with online backups protects your company data. ZOBOLT stops malware ransomware from being backed-up to our cloud.

Spectrum Analyzer

Data Protection with Security

IT environments are comprised of an assortment of critical and non-critical systems. An end-to-end data protection platform that aligns the right technology for each system can help you lower costs and simplify business continuity.

For many companies, their backup solution is Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. Those are cloud storage solutions with limitations. Unlike ZOBOLT online backup, they aren’t equipped for disaster recovery. They don’t have schedulers to automate routine backups, don’t generally maintain your file structure when saving to the cloud, and don’t have click-and-restore capabilities.

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Critical Backup

For mission critical computers with minimal downtime tolerance, such as customer-facing or critical applications, a ZOBOLT high availability online backup plan can ensure they’re always up and running.

Simplify Migration

Simplify PC migration projects with our advanced online backup system. Pick any PC in your pool and restore the data quickly and easily. Your cloud backups can be restored to any PC in your backup pool or new PC.

Affordable Backups

ZOBOLT data protection solutions can help you deploy the right kind of protection for any type of data. With ZOBOLT, you won’t overpay to protect less critical systems, and you won’t under-protect systems essential to your business.


Ransomware Detection

The last thing you want to happen to your online backups is to have your good backups overwritten with encrypted malware. ZOBOLT detects encryption changes in your files and prevents existing backups from being overwritten.

ZOBOLT Online Backups Feature

  • Encrypted Connections
  • Encrypted File Systems
  • Active Client Software
  • Managed Schedules
  • Bandwidth Selection
  • Malware Scans
  • File Selection
  • Active Monitoring
  • Resource Monitoring
  • Remote Desktop
  • Barebone Options
  • Block Level Backup
  • Alarm Alerts
  • Email Messaging