Basic Email Service

Simple, Secure Email

What is DSL Internet

Basic Email Overview

Basic email is just that, basic. We’ve left out all the bells and whistles on these email accounts. When you need simple email, our basic email will do the trick. Unlike Hosted Exchange Email, our basic email uses POP/IMAP. These email accounts will not allow you to share calendars, contacts or task

Easy Setup

When you select basic ZOBOLT basic email, we help you install and configure email on each of your mobile devices. Many small business users find basic email is plenty powerful for their needs.

WebMail Access

We said basic, we didn’t say prehistoric. You will have full access online to WebMail. WebMail is a web browser based email client. Our WebMail client is an industry standard. We offer Horde, Squirrel or Round Cube you can choose once you login.




Email Mobility

Setting up email on your phone can’t get any easier. We support all major phone, tablet and other major devices. Our email is professional business grade email service.

Email Security

Many small businesses use free email services that aren’t secure. While they are easy, free email services are subjected to daily hacker attacks. Once your free email accounts are compromised the hackers can access other systems using your name and passwords. Soon your entire business and all your private information is given to a hacker, all because of free email. By using ZOBOLT basic email, you get industry secured SSL connections to your email. We secure and monitor your email accounts.

DSL Internet Speeds

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