Internet Service in the Las Vegas area isn’t easy to find. We know Internet Service Provider (ISP) selection is limited. ZOBOLT finds, designs and quotes dynamic businesses carrier grade internet service for our customers. our goal is to be as impartial and transparent as possible during the selection process.


The News

In the news this week is CenturyLink, the local Regional Bell Operating Company or RBOC. Unfortunately, the news about CenturyLink isn’t good. It seems they have had an uptick in complaints about billing and service related issues for consumer grade internet.

Surprise Provider

As an ISP finder and agent, it’s natural that we gets calls all the time from people seeking an Internet Service Provider. When we tell them about CenturyLink, we are surprised some potential clients don’t know they are a local internet provider. They know about the stadium, which is good. One of the reasons for this lack of knowledge is because CenturyLink has changed their name so many times in the last 20 years.

CenturyLink History

CenturyLink use to be the only game in town for internet service or for phone service for that matter. The company was once called AT&T and was the only phone provider in the state of Washington. You think you have it bad today. In the past, selection for any communications providers was limited to one company. The U.S. Government decided to break up AT&T in an action called divestiture or the breakup of the bell system for short. What we were left with was Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOC). CenturyLink is Las Vegas’s local RBOC. This is the short version of the story. You can find the rest on Wikipedia if you need some light reading before bed.

Local Complaints

Las Vegas Office of Cable Communications on Tuesday said it is investigating complaints about CenturyLink. In a recent story by our local NBC affiliate they found a search of the Attorney General’s office showed over 1,500 complaints about CenturyLink since 2013. Some of the complaints stated the company wrongly charged shipping fees for modems, paperless billing fees and other erroneous charges. Sue Anderson VP of Washington CenturyLink stated We’re fully committed to resolving these issues as quickly as possible in order to ensure a high-quality experience for our customers,”

Massive Company

It isn’t the first time and I’m sure it will not be the last time CenturyLink has complaints filed against the company. The company is trying to juggle cost while managing the service of a massive amount of communications equipment around the country. When I say massive, we are talking about a million miles of wires, fiber optic lines and communications network equipment. Also, we are talking about hundreds of departments and thousands of employees. The company is huge. Have you heard of term “To Big Fail”, that would be CenturyLink.

Avoid Issues

Here is an idea to avoid issues with your home internet services with CenturyLink. If you are running a home based business make sure you sign up for business grade internet. Don’t sign up for home internet only service. Use your company name and sign up under your company with business grade service. A little known fact, you can write-off your internet connection on your taxes, if you are using it for your company. Business grade internet offers more detailed support from many providers and in many cases faster restoral time if something fails. Also, it’s not necessarily more expensive than home internet service.

About Author: I am a communications systems specialist and Army veteran. My experience includes, switching systems, and consulting. I’m certified on class 5 switching elements and Cisco, Extreme routing network equipment. I’ve worked as a network engineer for over 20 years.

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