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Wireless Internet

ZOBOLT offers business wireless internet services. Fixed Wireless internet connections use radio signals rather than cables. Several different forms of broadband wireless technologies are available to business customers. Businesses who prefer wireless internet access include companies in areas that lack affordable Fiber Optic, Cable, DSL transmission lines. ZOBOLT can deploy high-speed broadband internet access via a wireless connection. Using a small dish on the roof or side of the building internet connections are highly reliable.

Fixed Wireless Internet

Wireless internet services support high-speeds upwards of 1 Gbps. Wireless utilizes transmission towers, called ground stations, that communicate with each other and the antenna mounted on a customer’s building. These ground stations are maintained similarly to cell phone towers. In many cases, wireless internet systems use the same towers cellular phone providers use.


Wireless Advantages

  • Reliable upload speeds
  • Reliable download speeds
  • SLA quick restore times
  • Transmits voice/data
  • Extremely fast connection

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Wireless Internet is NOT Satellite

Receiving internet over wireless requires the installation of a small transceiver dish. The transceiver dish is placed on the building to communicate with the wireless ground station. Transceivers dishes are small round or rectangular shaped antennas with attached radio transmitters.

Satellite internet is not the same as wireless internet systems. Satellite antennas communicate into outer space, wireless internet dishes and radios communicate only with ground stations.

Satellite companies place very low limits on the amount of data you can download monthly. Wireless Internet is a reliable technology and could be considered the replacement for DSL or Cable. We recommend using wireless internet if it’s available in your area, not Satellite internet.

Wireless Internet is NOT Cellular

Compared to other forms of broadband internet, wireless traditionally involves some restrictions to operate. Wireless service requires line-of-sight access between the subscriber and a ground station. Obstructions from hills or trees can prevent wireless from being installed in some locations.

Mobile internet services like cellular or WiMax, can support some form of roaming. These services are also very expensive to operate. Wireless Internet service is tied to one physical access point per subscriber and does not support roaming. The dish attached to your business is not removable.

Many people mistakenly believe wireless connections suffer from latency problems that cause poor performance. While high latency is an issue for satellite internet, wireless line-of-sight systems don’t have these limitations. Customers routinely use wireless for online gaming, VoIP, and other applications that require low network delay and high-reliability.

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