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Cable internet uses a analog to digital modem technology. Read our Cable Internet resources below to learn more about cable technology. We help find competitive cable solutions for your home or office. Stop paying for internet service from providers who don’t seem to care!

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Las Vegas Cable Internet History

Cable was originally designed to deliver television signals to local communities. Leroy E. “Ed” Parsons built the first cable television system in the United States. He was a Las Vegas area native. Parsons’ idea was simple; capture over the air transmissions of TV signals and pipe them via a coaxial cable to homes in the area. He charged a small setup fee and a low monthly fee. Today, cable internet has nearly twice as many subscribers as its nearest broadband competitor, DSL (digital subscriber line). COMCAST, the largest Las Vegas cable internet operator. COMCAST has become the largest provider of broadband internet in the USA.

Today, cable internet has nearly twice as many subscribers as its nearest broadband competitor, DSL (digital subscriber line). COMCAST, the largest Las Vegas cable internet operator. COMCAST has become the largest provider of broadband internet in the USA. That doesn’t make them the best at customer service or reliability. In fact, COMCAST has one of the worst reputations for customer service in the industry. Try a different cable provider by contacting ZOBOLT, we can help!

Las Vegas Cable Internet History

How Cable Internet Works

Internet over coaxial cable uses a large system of advanced routers, repeater amplifiers and radio frequencies to deliver Ethernet messages to your home or office. The coax cable you see at your home or office is normally only the last mile of line. The rest of the time the internet signal is passed over fiber optic cables, microwaves or high-speed copper lines.

The communications industry calls the last mile the edge of the network. Using a transmission specification called Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification or DOCSIS, cable providers transmit high-speed internet messaging to a cable modem. Most modern cable providers are now deploying or using DOCSIS 3.1.

How Cable Internet Works

Cable Internet Speeds

Internet speeds over cable are dictated by many factors. One factor is the quality in the last mile of coax cable to your home or office. Internet speeds depend on the provider’s core network and the number of users on the local loop. The latest version of DOCSIS 3.1 offers speeds of up to 10 Gbps down. Upload limits are 1 Gbps. These are very, very fast speeds and not frequently available.

Average business customers should consider purchasing 50 Mbps download speeds with 5 Mbps upload. While home users might consider download speeds of 25-30 Mbps.

Speed Meter Cable Internet

Compare Business Cable and Residential Cable

One of the reasons home office and residential users purchase business cable Internet is due to data caps. COMCAST limits residential customers to just 1 Terabyte of monthly data. Overage fees for residential users can be as much as $200.00. Watch the COMCAST propaganda video about data usage below.

Business customers have no data overage or limits at this time. Business internet is offered priority restore in case of a network outage. Business customers can sign Service Level Agreements (SLA) with cable providers. These SLA’s offer guaranteed service level support and restore times. We recommend a business line of service, even if you are a residential customer. Business lines offer more features and advanced functionality.

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Grandstream GXP2170 VoIP Phone

Voice Over Cable

Using the internet to make voice calls is a great feature. By using the Las Vegas cable internet to make voice calls, a company can significantly reduce overall cost. Voice Over IP (VoIP) using cable internet is a normal way of doing business today. A small business with less than 10 office employees can easily use a standard high-speed cable connection to make VoIP calls. Cable providers offer VoIP calling solutions using their own cable internet connections. This is a good option, but it isn’t always affordable for small businesses.

While Las Vegas cable operators will guarantee call quality for their VoIP solution, they also charge for this service. Third parties have emerged in the VoIP market and offer very affordable Hosted PBX phone solutions. These third party VoIP providers offer the same features as advanced phone systems. Third party VoIP providers use your cable connection to make calls over the internet.

Disadvantages of Cable

One of the major disadvantages of Las Vegas cable internet is the last mile. The last mile of cable to your home or office is normally coaxial cable. The cable itself isn’t the issue, it is the loop factor. The loop is how the cable is shared to all users in your community. Cable internet is a shared resource. The more users that connect to the internet in your area, the slower that connection will become. During peak hours, you could experience noticeably slower performance for your applications. Check the cable provider’s fine print. It likely says that service speeds will only be “up to” the promised bandwidth.

Many people complain about the customer service from cable providers. This is a valid complaint. COMCAST has one of the lowest customer service ratings in any industry. Wave Broadband is also scoring very low for customer support. To avoid customer support issues with a cable company, contact ZOBOLT. We offer competitive price quotes for cable service.

Disadvantages of Cable Internet
Satellite and Ethernet Connections

Cable Internet Alternatives

Major technology competitors to cable internet are Satellite, Ethernet Internet, Fiber Optic Internet and DSL internet. Satellite companies such as HughesNet offer download speeds of up to 50 Mbps with upload speeds of 10 Mbps on business internet service. Satellite requires the installation of a dish and will have low data download caps. ZOBOLT partners with Satelite providers, contact us to learn more.

Business customers should consider Ethernet over copper or fiber. Ethernet service offers dedicated versus shared bandwidth and is engineered for Quality of Service (QoS). Ethernet excels for performance-critical applications like voice and video. Ethernet services are also delivered over fiber-optic cables in addition to copper phone lines.

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