Alternative Business Internet

Looking for alternative business Internet? Tired of dealing with COMCAST, CenturyLink, Frontier or those other guys.If you need a change, ZOBOLT can help! ZOBOLT provides business internet services. We install business internet!

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Discover for yourself the advantages and disadvantages of alternative business internet solutions.

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We help you compare internet services for your business by providing free, no obligation quotes.

Internet Installation

We help you select the right internet provider at the right price. Plus, we install all the necessary network connections, including wireless. Our services include free network consulting.

Network Security

Firewall (UTM) Unified Threat Management Gateways help block unwanted hackers and intruders into your network. ZOBOLT offers affordable enterprise strength firewall Gateways.

Wi-Fi Networks

Enable Wi-Fi to guest devices or deploy secure Wi-Fi to all areas in your office. ZOBOLT Wi-Fi installation is affordable. We offer free on-site estimates. You can have a firm-price quote within minutes.


ZYXEL is a provider of carrier grade network gear for many ISP companies including CenturyLink and Comcast. ZYXEL manufactures advanced routers, switches and Network Security devices.

ZOBOLT offers network equipment from ZYXEL and other major manufactures. Looking for something different? Contact us and let us know.

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Broadband Internet

Broadband internet connections provide reliable, scalable voice, video and data communications. By educating your business about broadband internet, ZOBOLT acts as your trusted advisor. We help you select the proper internet circuit type, size and traffic priority. With our broadband internet education assistance, you will fully understand the circuit ordering process. Saving you money by brokering the best price for internet and telecommunications service is our core product. We provide you competitive local telecommunications solutions. Stop paying those guys that don’t treat you right, lets match you with a better local provider today!

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T1 Broadband Internet

Synchronous T1 broadband internet circuits offer a maximum bandwidth of 1.544 Mbps each. This speed is always consistent up and down over the connection. T1 internet circuits can be combined with other T1 circuits to build a bonded-link pair. You may also purchase a fractional T1 to reduce cost.

These data telecommunications circuits are highly reliable circuits offered by many local competitive Puget Sound telecommunication internet providers.  Normally T1 is delivery over 2 copper wire pairs, but it can also be delivered over fiber optics and even microwave radio links. CenturyLink offers T1 at a premium cost, but we have partner-competitors that offer these circuits much cheaper.

T1 Advantages

  • Reliable upload speeds
  • Reliable download speeds
  • SLA quick restore times
  • Transmits voice/data
  • Widely available
  • Bonding optional

T1 Disadvantages

  • Costly circuits
  • 1.544 Mbps limit
  • Complexity
  • Distance cost
  • Legacy technology

Cable Broadband Internet

Cable broadband is an asynchronous coaxial internet circuit for small business or home use. Up-link speeds are not as fast as the down-link speeds on a standard coaxial circuit. Cable is a shared resource, which means if more users are online in your area, the slower the connection. During peak times, cable internet connections can slow down.

Las Vegas area competition isn’t easy to find with cable providers. ZOBOLT partners with more than 10 competitive cable providers. These competitors don’t have big marketing budgets,  they rely on ZOBOLT to help promote products and services.

Cable Advantages

  • Fast download speeds
  • Low cost connection
  • Limited equipment cost
  • Transmits voice/data
  • Widely available

Cable Disadvantages

  • Slow upload speeds
  • Over subscription
  • Limited or no SLA
  • Reliably limitations
  • No guarantied QoS

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DSL Broadband Internet

Digital Subscriber Loop (DSL) is considered a broadband local loop technology. DSL broadband internet uses existing copper phone lines to deliver internet and voice communications. A major advantage of DSL or ADSL is its ability to coexist on the same line with voice services. CenturyLink is the major DSL provider in the state of Washington. DSL is offered by many local competitive providers. ZOBOLT matches you with competitive local DSL providers.

An always-on technology, DSL is primarily marketed to small business and residential. DSL internet circuits can also be bonded together like T1 to provide higher speed connections.

DSL Advantages

  • Passes Voice/Data
  • Optional Bond
  • Optional SLA
  • Affordable
  • Competition

DSL Disadvantages

  • Legacy Technology
  • Slow Upload Speeds
  • Over-Subscription
  • Limited Availably
  • Limited Distance

Ethernet Network Solutions

Referred to as a Private Line Service, Ethernet  internet is an advanced technology targeted at business users. This symmetrical broadband connection is designed for Layer 2 Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi-Point connection using Fiber Optic and Copper Lines. Offered from DS-1 to 10 GigE speeds, Ethernet is a good choice for the data center to data center communications, medical imaging and companies needing access to remote Storage Area Networks (SAN).

Don’t get stuck with a massive monthly bill. If you are an IT manager looking for Ethernet circuits, we can help. ZOBOLT locates the best local competing providers for your wide-area Ethernet network solution.

Ethernet Advantages

  • Reduces equipment cost
  • Cost effective
  • Uplink/downlink speeds
  • Simplicity L-2 connection
  • Accepts multi-protocols

Ethernet Disadvantages

  • Overall complexity
  • Limited availability
  • Carrier interoperable

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Fiber Optic Broadband Internet

Fiber optic broadband internet use glass to transmit data signals great distances. Using optics to transmit data offers many advantages to standard copper wires. Fiber Optics can transmit large amounts bandwidth using light frequency over longer distances with less energy. Optics also are not subjected to cross-talk, which is the bleeding of signals from one copper line to another.

Fiber Optic cables have two major classes, Single Mode and Multi-Mode. Single Mode fiber is used when transmitting long distances. Multi-Mode fiber is used for shorter length of transmission.

Fiber is for home and business use. Fiber has many competing providers in Puget Sound. Let’s connect your home or business to a major fiber optic competitor today!

Fiber Optics Advantages

  • Highly reliable
  • No cross-talk
  • Uplink/downlink Speeds
  • Passes voice/data
  • Available SLA

Fiber Optics Disadvantages

  • Monthly cost
  • Limited availability
  • Fragile cable
  • Equipment cost

MPLS Network Service

Many providers offer MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) via VPN (Virtual Private Network). This technology offers a highly flexible connection. But, MPLS is slowing being phased out by Ethernet service. MPLS is a protocol which sits between layer 2 and 3 of the OSI model. The MPLS VPN network is delivered to your business normally over high-speed fiber optics lines. MPLS is available in three basic types of service offerings, layer 2 point to point, layer 3 IP VPN, layer 2 VPLS.

Need to replace, or upgrade MPLS to Ethernet, let’s get started. We have competitors in your local market!

MPLS Advantages

  • Multi-point solution
  • Scalable bandwidth
  • Uplink/downlink speeds
  • COS service available
  • Ultra-high-speeds

MPLS Disadvantages

  • Equipment complexity
  • Limited availability
  • Carrier interoperable
  • Overall high cost

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