(Photo from the office of council Seattle member Kshama Sawant) Municipal broadband internet is starting to take off in the United States. The question, is the internet a utility? Like water, sewer, gas and electric, internet is a utility. It is clear the Internet has become a necessity in American life. So yes, Broadband Internet is a utility. Our daily lives revolve around it. We needed the internet to shop, and do just about everything.Read More

Did The World Series Break COMCAST?

It looks like the World Series might have broken COMCAST internet service. If you’re like a lot of people you were watching the World Series last night. If you were in Denver watching the game you might lost coverage. A Comcast Xfinity outage map on Wednesday at 9 p.m. showed Denver as having the most reports of outages — 78 — in the country within the past 24 hours. Denver also led the country in

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Frontier Communications Tumbles 14%, Worst in S&P 500

Things at Frontier must be getting pretty crazy these days. The Frontier stock has hit all-time lows. We can’t help but feel bad for the folks over at Frontier Communications. The fact is, here in the Puget Sound area competition for internet service is limited.   Frontier is an agile company. If you want to read more about this story check it out below. ZOBOLT recently reviewed the debacle which occurred in Texas after Frontier

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Seattle Internet

If you’re like a lot of people in Washington state, you might find yourself bewildered when searching for high-speed internet services. The Puget Sound internet market is dominated by COMCAST and Centurylink. These two internet providers have both struggled to deploy gigabit service. Recently Comcast capped their residential services at 1 TB monthly. This didn’t make very many people happy. COMCAST monthly bandwidth caps are on the heels of an announcement that COMCAST will now offer gigabit internet

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CenturyLink Purchases Level 3 For 34 Billion

US-based network service providers CenturyLink and Level 3 Communications announced yesterday that their Boards of Directors have approved a definitive merger agreement under which CenturyLink will acquire Level 3 in a cash and stock transaction valued at approximately 34 billion including the assumption of debt. Under the deal terms, CenturyLink shareholders will own approximately 51% and Level 3 shareholders will own roughly 49% of the combined company.   Colorado-based Level 3 Communications provides core transport,

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centurylink internet service

CenturyLink announces gigabit service to 14,000 MTU

Yesterday CenturyLink made an announcement that they now have gigabit network internet services deployed to over 14,000 Multiple Tenant Units (MTU) around 600 cities.

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Iran telecom deal

AT&T roaming deal Iran

Rightel, a major Iranian telecommunications carrier has confirmed roaming agreements with United States wireless mobile carrier AT&T. Majid Sadri, the managing director of RighTel, was quoted by Iranian media as saying the company has established roaming services in the U.S.

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Frontier Seattle Internet Provider

I’m continuing my blog post this week on local Seattle internet providers in the news. Our latest story is about Frontier Seattle Internet Provider. This story was reported by the local Dallas Fort Worth FOX affiliate. If you didn’t know, Frontier Communications is a great local internet provider in the Seattle area, but they’ve had issues out in Texas. Frontier services are offered in a mix of urban, suburban, and rural areas across the U.S. The company

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COMCAST Washington State Lawsuit

  This last week COMCAST  fired back at the Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson. AG Ferguson had filed a $100 million lawsuit claiming COMCAST violated the Washington state Consumer Protections Act two months ago.   In a motion filed in King County Superior Court in Seattle late Friday afternoon, COMCAST called the attorney general’s lawsuit a “profound mischaracterization of COMCAST’s actual business practices” and called on Judge Timothy Bradshaw to dismiss the case.   This is a

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centurylink local internet provider

Centurylink Seattle Internet Service

Internet Service in the Seattle area isn’t easy to find. We know Internet Service Provider (ISP) selection is limited. ZOBOLT finds, designs and quotes dynamic businesses carrier grade internet service for our customers. our goal is to be as impartial and transparent as possible during the selection process.   The News In the news this week is CenturyLink, the local Regional Bell Operating Company or RBOC. Unfortunately, the news about CenturyLink isn’t good. It seems

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